I would like to talk about Zyto testing. There are many other names and brands of this type of testing.

· EAV which means Electro Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll

· Bio meridian testing

· Quantum Testing

· Vega Testing

From here on we will call it EAV because that is the most general name.

EAV electro Acupuncture according to Voll was invented a German doctor (Dr. Voll). Around 1950 he developed bladder cancer and was cured with acupunture. He thought (and was correct) that the more electrical resistance you have at an acupuncture point the less energy flowed, and that was bad for your health.

So he took a simple ohm (resistance meter) and measured the levels at acupuncture points. He then held formulas in his hand that he thought might help and he saw that the resistance went down. Today computers are involved but the basics are the same.

There are many others version of EAV. Each one claims to be the best. What is more important than the machine in the person operating the machine and how it is used in the context of the other data that is collected.

Most people promote the idea of EAV units as a “Doc In A Box.” Just put your hand on this magical metal plate and the computer will tell you all the problems with your body.

Then they give you a print out and now your problems are etched in stone. This is ridiculous. People who use the machine like that can’t know very much. They are usually new in practice.

All health devices show something but not everything. The same is true for EAV machines.

Here is where EAV excels.

This type of device shows you how your system is out of balance TODAY. It does not show long term imbalance in one test. For you to see long term imbalance with this type of device you would have to do several tests over a period of time and see what keeps showing up.

It also excels in the area of picking out which nutritional or homeopathic products your body will respond best to.

Please read the page on Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Response Testing. That is another way to determine which products your body will like. EAV is similar except that it uses electrical signals and computer software.

The other thing that is great about this machine is that it can imprint frequencies into a formula thus customizing it and making it work better for you. I use this so that I can give you three products to take instead of six. Also since I can test 700 products in 5 minutes it expands my choices.

Here are some of the other methods I use and what they are used for

Manual testing, palapation and observation and history.

This gives me great overall information, ideas about how chronic or acute your problem is and also I get to know specific things about you that can’t be figured out by a machine.

Dried Blood analysis

Tells me deep long term problems including toxicity and toxic problems

Urine terrain Assessment

Tells me key deep information about your organs, pH and toxicity

Heart rate variability.

Tell me overall fitness and function of your nervous system. It tells me how healthy you are; or how chronic you. It shows me how much reserves you have in the tank.

EAV testing tells me what is going on with you today, which products will help you the most today, it helps me to customize products and it also helps me to look at areas that I might not be aware of.

Together this is a complete system. The EAV / Zyto machice is “one tool,” not an “all in one” tool.

That being said, here is how it works.

It sends a signal to your body and at the same time it measures how much resistance you body sends back.

So it sends a signal that has to do with the frequency of the liver. If your resistance goes up that would show that the liver energy has some stress in it.

It also sends signals that have to do with certain products and if those signals make your resistance go down then your body is accepting of that product.

This test does not show you if you have a tumor or an ulcer. It shows where the electrical resistance of your body is low and what might be used to lessen the resistance.

It does not show you if your energy is low long term or short term. To get that kind of data we have to combine all the tests.