The problem with explaining alkaline water is that very few people know what they are talking about.

The alkalinity of the water is not what makes it so good for you. The important thing is that it has an extra electron. This is called reduced water. “Reduced” is the opposite of “oxidized.” When something is oxidized it has lost an electron.

Another term for “reduced water” is “Active Hydrogen”

In nature oxidation is seen as decomposition, rust, fire, rotting food and aging.

When you drink Reduced or Alkaline Water that is made from a Kangen machine, the water is run through electrical plates that loosely attach an extra electron to the hydrogen ion in the water. When you drink this water the electron is easily transferred to your body.

It is the easiest and most instant way to get an electron and its anti-oxidation properties into your body.

The nice thing is that this is easily demonstrable. I use a volt meter it measures in micro volts. Normally water will have a positive charge. If the water has extra electrons it will be negatively charged. I can show this to you every time I make a glass of water. There is no ambiguity.


When the water is run through the machine electrons also get attached to the minerals in the water. Now the minerals are ionized. Only ionized minerals are usable by the body. So it is the fact that the minerals become more usable that makes the water better than normal water.

If all you want is the alkalinity, then go out and buy ionized minerals. However, they will not measure a negative charge on the volt meter. If you put these minerals in water the water will not be in a reduced state.

You can eat alkaline foods like vegetables but again these vegetables will not have a negative charge either. They are not in a reduced state like the Kangen water.

So the main point in drinking “alkaline water” made from an alkaline water machine such as Enagic is the negative charge, the extra electrons, not the alkalinity. That is what makes this water so amazing.

The problem is that people don’t have enough science background or understanding to explain it properly, so they say that the benefits are from the alkalinity. That is simply a sales point by people trying to keep things simple.

The problem is that when things are too simple they are wrong.

I have sold many of these machines. I have 2 of my own and I have seen amazing health benefits in adults and in animals and babies for whom placebos can’t be an issue.

If you want to read about the science and the amazing health benefits reduced water I have links here.

As long as people keep calling it alkaline water the misunderstanding will never end. But as long as you drink it you will still get the benefits.

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