Headaches have many potential cause

Spine Mis-Alignment

It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to realize that a neck problem could cause headaches. It is pretty easy to palpate a patents neck and to feel this mis-alignment.

Chances are that some form of manipulation and/or muscle work will be required. It could be high force manipulation of low force “non- cracking” manipulation. Muscle stretching, balancing or strengthening, however, this may not be enough.

The bones in the head also have movement and therefore may need to be manipulated.

Now it gets more complicated.

There are many people who have headaches who get adjustments but the headaches keep returning over and over. The relief is temporary.

There have to be other causes.

There are many energy meridians that begin or end on the head. Specifically gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, triple burner and bladder. These energy pathways (especially the digestive organs) OFTEN contribute to headaches, especially migraines.

These digestive organs (gall bladder, small intestines, stomach and large intestine) are very susceptible to food sensitivities, toxic loads and even emotions.

Therefore in addition to spine adjustments I work on acupuncture points that relate to these organs. You do not need needles to work on acupuncture points. I use magnets, energy patches, lasers, moxa or micro current electricity.

For a full investigation of headaches all of these factors must be taken into considerations.

In addition to adjusting the spine and head and working of acupuncture points, we may have to find and eliminate toxins such as fungus or parasites. We may have to investigate food sensitivities and either correct or eliminative them.

Hormones and Headaches

Sometimes excess estrogen is the cause of headaches, especially for women who have headaches before their period. However, the liver and the adrenal glands regulate estrogen so the remedy may not be as easy as increasing estrogen.

Pain and Inflammation

Almost ANY time a person has pain he has inflammation. That is why aspirin or ibuprofen usually gives temporary relief.

If your headaches are chronic you want to find the cause of this inflammation.