Problem with the “Anti- Meat” Argument.

Some people will tell you that meat is bad for you and that it causes inflammation. The problem is that there is a big difference between grass fed meat and meat that was fed with grain and corn.

Grain and corn is loaded with pesticides. These foods increase your Arachidonic acid, which increases a hormone called PGE2 which causes inflammation.

So if the beef you eat was fed with these foods and pesticides the pesticides will be transferred to you and you can become inflamed.

If the beef was fed grass then it won’t have this problem.

The problem with going to a plant based diet is that in the short term you might feel better but in the long term you won’t get the right proteins and your body will deteriorate.

The issue is more about toxins. If you eat pesticide laden vegetables especially corn and soy your inflammation will increase as well.

Another problem with vegetarian diets is that many people switch to sugar and grain products. These foods are the worst things for your brain and body.

The addiction you feel for sugar is similar to a drug addiction and very hard to break​.  Sugar is the enemy not meat.

Also dairy products; cheese, yogurt and especially milk are extremely pro-inflammation

To reduce inflammation you should reduce your dairy, sugar and grain consumption. You will feel better sooner and if you continue the results will last.