What Is Going On In The Brain Of Someone With ADD, ADHD, Focus Issues, or Sensory Processing Problems

    The common medical logic concerning ADD/ ADHD is that the brain is overactive and that a small dose of a stimulant such as Ritalin will actually do the opposite of what a stimulant is supposed to do.

  • Stimulant drugs in small dosages work to calm you down, so that you can focus.
  • When I measure your brainwaves using brainwave optimization I often that people with attention deficit problems do indeed have over activity in the brain. The question is “Should drugs be the first method of defense?”
  • Do you want to calm down the over activity in the brain using drugs? Or would you rather actually balance the brainwaves?

Your Brain and Drugs (Medications)

  • Drugs do not teach the brain to make new better pathways or brain patterns.
  • Drugs dampen the brain’s signals artificially.
  • If nothing else works, drugs may be your only option but most people would like something more natural and would rather deal with the cause.
  • Usually when you are prescribed drugs nothing gets measured.
  • Drugs are given based on the person’s symptoms.

Measuring Your Brainwaves

  • With brainwave optimization the treatments are based on the readings that we are getting from the brain.
  • We are treating your brainwaves not your symptoms.
  • This is also why many people get better from multiple problems at the same time. For instance they may get better focus and better sleep.

Brainwave Optimization Is Customized To You

  • With brainwave optimization we find that each person is different in how or where his brain is out of balance. It may be true that many people with ADD / ADHD will have over activity but what parts of the brain and the degree of over activity is always be different in each person.
  • This technology mirrors your particular brainwaves back to you making the treatment unique and customized only to you.

Drugs can have side effects.

  • For instance, any person on a stimulant for a long period of time could get adrenal fatigue which then opens him up to a whole number of other problems.
  • To the body all drugs are toxins. Therefore, the liver has to work harder to eliminate these toxins. In the short term this is OK, but how long could you keep that up without creating more problems?
  • Also, there have been problems with children trying to get off of these stimulants.

How Does A Brain Get Out Of Balance?

  • A person’s brainwaves could go out of balance due to the following
  • Trauma to the head
  • Many multiple smaller head injuries from contact sports such as football or soccer.
  • Many children have had a rough time with the birthing process.
  • A history of drug or alcohol use.
  • Emotional abuse or extreme stress can also cause the brain to go out of balance as well.

When I first meet you I take your history and try to figure out what may have happened to cause your brainwave imbalalnce but in the end it really does not matter how your brainwaves got out of balance. If they are out then they are out. We just fix what we find wrong.

Can The ADD / ADHD Problem Come From A Sleep Problem?

Some kids can’t sleep. The lack of sleep can cause the attention problems because they are over tired all day. It is hard to know exactly what caused the situation. Did the ADD cause the sleep problem? Or did the sleep problem cause the ADD? It does not really matter because in either case we are treating the brainwaves not your symptoms. Hopefully both symptoms will get better.

  • I focus on brainwave patterns and let the symptoms take care of themselves.

Can Diet Be An Issue?

With any health issue diet can always be an issue. The big 3 problems are sugar, dairy and gluten. Sometimes any grain can be the problem. Most people looking for a natural solution have been down this road. The problem is that diet changes are hard to maintain 100% all the time.

Before I knew of Brainwave Optimization, diet and herbs were my first line of defense for people with ADD but now I usually start with Brainwave Optimization because it is the easiest and the fastest for the patient and there is very little you must do in terms of compliance.

Consider Brainwave Optimization

If you or your child has ADD / ADHD, can’t focus, can’t sleep or has some type of sensory input problem, and you live within 45 minutes of:

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