Bio-Impedance Analysis

A normal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body is associated with immunity, high function, and longevity. An abnormal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body is associated with susceptibility, low function, and the effects of disease and aging. Our body is bioelectric and the bioimpedance analysis measures our vitality at a cellular level.

Bio Impedance Analysis Results​

Phase Angle​

The cell membrane stores energy. Phase angle shows how much energy your cells can store. It is related to how many good fats your body has.  Cell membranes are made from fat.  If the quantilty or quality of these good fats is low then your cell membranes will be weak, they won't be able to hold electrical charge and your health will suffer. Weak cell membranes are leaky and they won't be able to hold water inside the cells.  2/3 of your water should be inside the cells.

Intracellular water and extra cellular water.

This means water inside the cell versus water outside the cell.  In a very healthy person 2/3 of your water should be inside the cells.  But this number does change with gender and age.  If your cell membranes are weak you will see more water outside the cells.  Also if you have a lot of toxicity the body will put water outside the cell in order to dilute the toxins.

Fat Free Mass or Lean Body Mass

It is the mass of your body except for the fat.  It consists of approximately 73% water, 20% protein, 6% mineral, and 1% ash. Lean body mass contains virtually all the body’s water, all the metabolically active tissues and bone, and is the source of all metabolic caloric expenditure

Fat Mass

. It is the total amount of stored lipids (fats) in the body and consists of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is located directly beneath the skin and serves as an energy reserve and as insulation against outside cold. Visceral fat is located deeper within the body and serves as an energy reserve and as a cushion between organs. Everyone needs a certain amount of fat in their body. The ideal fat % is dependent on age and gender.

Bio Impedance Tests the Cells of the Body

your entire body is made up of cells every cell has a membrane made of fat and that is where your energy is stored.  So when you test the cells you are testing the entire body.  Many doctors focus on one organ versus the other and there are plenty of reasons to look at organs and glands and all the other parts of the body.  But all of those parts are made from cells. So whi

This is why we focus on cellular detoxification and rehabilitation.  While I do look at the function of different organs, in the longer tem I want to see cellular changes.

Patience is needed:

You will feel better before these tests change a lot, that is why very few people show them to you.  Muscle testing will change first, even blood testing, then later you will will see cellular change but that is true health. 

You can get organs to function better with a few supplements, but for cellular change to occur you need deeper detoxification, dietary changes and often exercise.

Always use Bio Impedance testing when undergoing weight loss protocols.  You need to know if you are losing fat or muscle.