Why Do We Use Plans 

After your first exam:

This page is for people who have had a first exam and I suggested a plan. These are things that we went over in the exam. This page is also good for the spouse who did not come to the exam and wants to understand what we went over.

People come here for different type of problems. I am writing this page for people who I feel that their main problem is systemic inflammation brought on by diet and toxins.

People typically in this category have problems like fibromyalgia and auto immune problems. Quite often they have problems that seem like they are coming from their spine however in my opinion the spine is a lesser cause than the overall inflammation.

Some objectives of this plan: 

Increase function as much as possible.

Function refers to how well your organs and nervous system work. Blood testing and other chemistry tests are too general for this measurement. We use muscle response testing, zyto testing (electrical testing of meridians) palpation tests (which points hurt) and a variety of symptoms.

Learn management strategies to maintain improvement.



Imagine that your body is a house and it is filled with toxins which in this case are bats, snakes, rats and smoke. Before you get rid of these toxins you need to open the windows. If you do then many of the toxins will simply leave. That is what we call drainage. We use drainage formulas that enhance the body’s own ability to open the windows and let toxins leave. We often start with formulas to enhance the drainage of the liver, kidneys, lymph, stomach, intestines and the lungs.


After the person had done drainage for a while usually about a month we start on detox.

You have done some drainage so some of the smoke, bats and rats have left but many won’t. So we use different formulas these this. Now we use formulas to assist the body to get rid of metals, candida, fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses. We also work on man-made toxins such as metal, pesticides and other chemicals.


Drainage and detox require cycling. You could drain for a while then do some detox then the body requires more drainage and back to detox. Sometimes the body requires rest between phases.

Brain Body Phases:

Toxins often get stored in the brain. To work on that area you need to detoxify the body so that there are fewer toxins in the body than the brain. Now the brain will release the toxins from the brain to the body and using formulas you get rid of the toxins from the body. This is brain / body cycling.


Metals are the worst of the man-made toxins. Metals will cause a person to hold on to their toxins such as fungus.


The important thing about diet is that you need to find a diet that is lowest in inflammation for you. Before you spend a whole lot of money on food sensitivity testing, do the basics. Take out sugar, dairy and grains from your diet.

The next thing is to learn how to use various eating strategies, how to eat your food in certain time periods to increase your body’s ability to heal and lower inflammation.

Nervous system enhancement: 

Diet and nutrients give the body raw material but it is the nervous system that tells your body what to do with them. I use advanced acupressure techniques, adjustments, magnets micro current, emotional techniques and other detoxification devises.

I also use acupuncture patches that put out frequencies of light. Your body responds to these frequencies like it responds to sunlight. Certain frequencies tell your body to make vitamin D. There are many more frequencies than this. This is one of the best therapies that I have ever seen.

Measuring improvement


Track all of your food in a diet app. I like to use MyNetDiary. Once you can do this I work with you on the correct ratio of fats, carbs and proteins for you.

On a day to day basis the most important things are to get your production of insulin low. Insulin causes inflammation. Also we want to increase your ketones. If your ketones are increased then your body is eating its own fat for fuel. These 2 factors show that you are having lower inflammation. You can get a meter that checks for these 2 numbers and I can teach you how to check this at home.

pH testing:

Some people are much more acidic than others. I often have those people check their pH on a regular basis. Acidic people are inflamed.


In my office I will check you for “Heart Rate variability.” This shows you how well your nervous system is functioning. I can give you all the nutrients I like but it is your nervous system that tells your body what to do with them.

Phase angle: This tells you how well your cells hold energy

Intracellular water: This tells you that there is you have more water in the cell versus out of the cell. If you have more water outside of the cells then they are not very stable, they are leaking.

Body fat percentage: Healthier people have less fat and more muscle. So this is not simply a test for weight but also for overall health.


Long Term Tests:

Blood tests, most people think that blood tests are the most important tests, they are not but they do have their place. The problem with blood test is the inconvenience and the cost. If I run a blood test today it is not really feasible to run one next month. However, the right blood tests can show you certain inflammation markers which are important.

Hemoglobin A1C: This is a blood sugar test that gives you your number over a period of months, not just that day. High blood sugar means high insulin which means high inflammation.

Arachidonic Acid verses Essential Fatty Acid Ratio: Arachidonic acid is the worst of the inflammation markers, EFA’s counter that number. This again is another longer term inflammation marker and a worthwhile test. In my opinion it is the best inflammation test.

Lipid Particle Test: This is a better version of a cholesterol test. You don’t get high cholesterol by eating more cholesterol. You get it as a reaction to inflammation. What you really want to know from a cholesterol test is this: “Is my cholesterol oxidized (rotten) and is it likely to be clogging my arteries?” This test answers those questions.

These are the most important thing about an inflammation blood test and this is not the typical thing you will get on your yearly exam.

It’s a very good test to have and well worth the cost of $110. If you have the extra money then get it, but I don’t really need this to know if you are inflamed. But if you want pre and post testing then get this. I don’t usually need it to determine what products to use.

Day to day in my office:

When you come to my office I test based on the acupuncture points that are active (hurt). I also treat based on what I find though muscle response testing, signs and symptoms. I use advanced acupressure techniques, adjustments, micro current, emotional techniques and other detoxification devises.

Also in my office I teach you how to eat in a better way for you to produce less inflammation. This is different for different people. It is not a one size fits all.

Why do I treat using plans rather than having you come back as you see fit?

As you can see form this page that there are many different aspects to what we are doing. If it was a simple list of instructions I would have written a book. Think of these items as tools that I use and that I teach you how to use. While I use the same types of tools on everyone each person is different as to when and how I use them.

Western medicine usually gives you a test and a bottle of pills and tells you to come back when they are finished. If that worked you would not be here.

I can only give you a few instructions at a time to insure that you follow what I asked. I can’t give you 3 weeks of instructions; most people will not follow through. At the beginning it is best to be here 2 times a week.

If you came back only when you hurt then you are never going to get ahead of your problem.

The purpose of what we are doing is to put your body in better chemical balance by lowering toxicity and inflammation. Also we want to put your nervous system in better balance so that there is more internal communication.

You will learn how to use home maintenance tools such as magnets, patches, moxa, exercises, eating strategies, self-tests such as ketone and glucose and ph monitoring to maintain benefits.


For cash paying people 3 months of seeing me is about $780. The price of products varies. The products could cost approximately $700 to $1500 over that same 3 month period. Some people respond to very small amounts of products or they cannot even take large amounts. Other people need more.

I have people on tighter budgets that can’t do everything I suggest. I try to work within those constraints as much as I can. If we have to eliminate some of the products I will, but it lowers the probability of success.

When you are trying to get your health back think in term of money over time, not in terms of price per visit.

Why a 3 month plan:

3 months is a long enough period of time for most people to get a result, not only in terms of how they feel, but also in terms of some of the tests and indicators mentioned above. For many people they can have enough instructions in that time period that they can then determine when they need to see me.

Here is an analogy:

You have been driving your car for the past 10 years and it has not been working out. You have been getting in accidents; you have been having too many repairs that have not worked.

So now I am going to drive for a while and make repairs. In the process I will teach you how to find problems before they are problems and how to fix some yourself. Then I can turn the car over to you.

Cars and houses are not always the best analogies because the body is more complex and more unknown but at least it is a very understandable analogy.

Different people progress differently and have different results:

Here are some factors:

Your age:

Younger people have more natural healing ability than older people.

Level of degeneration of the system:

Inflammation causes degeneration. This could be degeneration of the spine or the organs. If you are younger you could have inflammation but not so much degeneration, this is better. If you are older the inflammation has probably caused degeneration which is more permanent. Still if you get rid of inflammation you can still function better.

Think of inflammation as fire in a house. The house is your body. If the fire has been burning a long time and you finally put it out you have a lot of rebuilding to do. If the fire just started then all you really have to do is put out the fire and not so much re building.

Ability to follow directions or discipline:

The better you track yourself, the better you put your foods in the app, the better you measure your pH, ketones, and insulin and the better you keep your appointments the more likely you will have success. That which gets measured gets managed.

Emotions: While I don’t want to blame all the success of this program on your belief and your desire to get well it has some effect. I even have some techniques to enhance this and will sue them when necessary.

Doing the full program:

When people take half my instructions of half the products of fewer visits that I recommend things don’t always turn out as well. Sometimes they do. It is a matter of probability.

Motivation and follow through:

It is great when things work out quickly the first try but sometime things don’t and we have to change strategies. Stay motivated and keep going. I recall a woman who did not feel better for a year but since she had no other choices she kept going, honestly I probably would have quit but she is doing really well now. This is a rare case and happened 20 years ago. My techniques and products are much better now but at least keep do the 3 months.

Don’t add to the program:

Don’t try to enhance the program by adding things you bought on the internet, the health food store or from your friends. Chances are I have already considered what you added. Not everything on the internet is bad; I am doing the things that are of the highest priority. If ask me before adding to the program.


Western medicine likes to blame everything on genetics. I do not, but if you see a whole family that has poor health or similar problems you do need to take that into account.


People with poor dental health have body problems. Sometimes you really need to fix these problems before a deep change can occur. This can range from dealing with metal filling, to crowns, infected root canal filling or gum disease.


When people are on medications it makes my job more difficult, I have to work slower and you have to be in contact with your doctor so that he can advise you on how to deal with these medications. Still I often work with people on medications.


To find the reasons why you have inflammation that is causing your health issues, to reduce those causes with the tools that I have.

I can give you ideas of other things you can do if I do not have the tools to help, and to teach you how to use those tools on an ongoing basis to have the best health you can.

I will help you understand how your body works so that you can make more informed decisions about your health in the future.