Spagyric Formulas are different from regular herbal or homeopathic formulas.

The Spageric method involves taking apart the herb into its component parts and processing them separately then recombining them.

This way the product works better. Its energetic qualities are better. Herbs work on 2 levels.

One is that they replace things that you lack, but the other is that they have an energetic quality.

The spagyric method increases the energetic quality of the product.

The process of Kirlean Photography shows visually the energetics of a product.

Here we have some Kirlian Photography of Spagyrically processed products and similar products that are not spagyrically processed.

In this office I use the Spagyrically processed products whenever I can because I get better results when using them.

Here are the details:

Derived from the Greek words spao (separate) and ageiro (unite), spagyric remedies were originally created by fermenting parts of wild herbs.

After fermentation was completed, the plant material was distilled in a special device, and the remainder dried and burned.

The ashes were extracted and purified via distillation, then recombined with the concentrated solution.

As a result, the finished spagyric essence contained the mineral constituent parts of the plant. Paracelsus pointed out that the vital energy of an herb is more important than the plant material itself.

Combining the ideas of Paracelsus with modern manufacturing techniques, PEKANA, Energetx, and Physica products produce their powerful spagyric remedies using four key steps:

separation, purification, incineration and reunification.