Broomstick and Qi Gong Exercises for the Shoulder

I like to incorporate movement into stretching and rehab. Both the broomstick exercises and that Qi Gong do that more so than static stretches.

My favorites are broom stick exercises, because the stick gives you leverage and lets the good arm help out the bad one.

Think of these videos as ideas to get you started. Feel where your shoulder gets stuck and use the pole to gently stretch in to that position. Use common sense and don’t overdo it.

Qi Gong is very effective and gentle as well. Personally I like it better than static yoga. I find the movement keeps it more interesting.

Find which videos work best for you.

This video is very good because it assumes that you have a frozen shoulder injury and he talks in terms of the good arm and the bad arm.

If you have an injury you will have to modify what you see here, but it will give you good ideas.

This is a well done 10 minute shoulder routine

This is a short video, it is worth watching at least once then you can do it on your own.

This is an 18 minute routine, modify it to fit your injury.  I like it becasue he does not talk much and it has a few things that the other videos do not have.

This is a 30 minute routine that focuses on the upper parts of the body but includes the lower back as well.

Buying broom sticks or poles:

I suggest getting a 5 foot and a 6 foot pole. The best ones are rattan.

Rattan Poles: Frank’s Cane and Rush Supply, 7252 Heil Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, 714-847-0707.

You could use PVC tubing or wooden poles from Home Depot.

You could just find a broom stick.