Olive Oil and Food Fraud

You Need Good Fats

You can look up all sorts of information about olive oil, coconut oil, or fish oil. You will see how good fats help with Alzheimer’s, heart problems, anxiety, diabetes, chronic pain etc.

Good fats lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Good fats can even lower blood pressure. Good fats have even been shown to increase calcium absorption and bone density.

Eating good fats lowers sugar cravings because it is a slow burning fuel. That is why it balances blood sugar. If your blood sugar is balanced you feel better both physically and mentally.

Good fats reduce inflammation. Each one of these good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil) has something the other don’t so eat all of them.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great fat because it is a real food that tastes great, you can use it in all sorts of recipes and it is not just a supplement that you take in a pill.

Olive oil has oleocanthal which reduces inflammation, polyphenols which is an anti-oxidant and vitamin E.

 Olive oil is a northern fruit so it holds up to heat very well so it is great for cooking.​

Even though it holds up well to heat it is best in terms of your health when consumed unheated.​

Food Fraud​

According to the show 60 Minutes, much of the commercial olive oils are cut with other cheap oils. That is why they can be so inexpensive. Click here to see the segment. They are calling it “Food Fraud.” They are blaming it on the Agrocultural Mafia. 

Olive oil that is labeled as extra virgin is not, but worse than that they are putting seed oils in with olive oils.  These oils could cause an inflammatory effect in your body.  Worse yet some people could be allergic.

Nuvo Olive Oil​

After seeing this video I got on line and started looking for un-cut, fresh, virgin olive oil from California. I met Nathan from Nuvo Olive Oil. He and his brother Josh started the company.

He taught me that all olive oil is not created equal. He let me know that most store bought olive oil, besides being cut with seed oils and lesser quality oil, can be 4 to 5 years old. His oil has a manufacture date so you know it is fresh.

He also told me that in terms of growing olive trees the land in California has not been over harvested like the land in Italy which has been farmed for thousands of years.

Nathan brought me fresh olive oil. It tastes different and it even looks different. It is dark green. Like olives! That is because it has more anti-oxidants, about 12 times more so than store bought brands.

They sends their oil to a third party tester for chemical analysis and to expert taste testers. This group is the COOC (California Olive Oil Council).

Nuvo is certified organic by a higher standard than the basic organic certification required by law. This is CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers.​

I noticed the difference immediately in taste and how it made me feel.

​I am sure that many of you foodies all ready all knew this, but it was news to me and I think to some of you as well.

If food is the best medicine you should eat the best food. Nuvo sells on line and at farmers markets in the LA and Orange County. Personally, I like supporting local businesses especially concerning food.