All About Eating

The pages in this section have to do with eating. In a perfect world we would all eat organic non pesticides, non GMO foods.

However we are all in different saturations. So any article that I write having to do with foods (pesticides, GMO’s etc) will be here. Also anything having to do with diets, and detox based on foods and eating will also be listed here.

I will be writing articles on food combining, high protein, the glycemic index and food sensitivities and I will also be commenting on popular diet ideas.

I will have pages for those of you who want to do the most that you can to improve your health and also for others of you who want to get the most benefit for the least amount of effort.

Healthful Food Suggestions

It is difficult to eat healthfully when there are so many restrictions such as dairy, sugar, gluten and grains.

Then you have to take into consideration all the foods you cannot eat because of MSG, aspartame, and other chemicals.

Now you also have to take into consideration food you should not eat because of corn and soy.

The reason corn and soy are so bad is because they are genetically modified to resist the pesticide called roundup. Roundup is extremely inflammatory to your stomach.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with natural foods. You want to eat protein from grass fed animals. If an animal has been fed grains then it too contains the pesticide called Roundup.

Eat vegetables that are grown above ground as opposed to below the ground. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are great choices. Potatoes and carrots are roots and not as good in that they are starchy. Try to eat organic foods.

It is difficult but there are more organic foods available now than ever before and the situation is really improving as people are demanding these products.

Basically try not to eat anything in a box. That being said, there are always newer foods coming out that can be useful; some are in bags, boxes and tubs. In these pages I am going to try food, and read labels and make suggestions of things you can eat.

If you have suggestions or questions, or even recipes or book suggestions send them here and I can include them.

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