Heart Rate Variability answers the question……..”How Healthy Am I?”

Rigid buildings crumble in an earthquake. A building that can sway will stand. It is the same with a heart. Your heart rate should change depending on what you are doing.

· Heart Rate Variability (HRV) uses that idea and applies it to your nervous system.

· It measures if you can adapt or if your heart and nervous system are too rigid.

How Much Reserve Does Your Body Have?

You will get a reading of the physiological function of your organs and the amount of reserves your body has.

If your reserves are LOW you might still feel well but you won’t feel well for long. You are the type of person who needs to do a lot to get your heath back. It is also likely that you don’t feel well and no matter what you do nothing works.

If your reserves are HIGH and you don’t feel well, then you are the type of person who may not have to do very much to get better.


Some people have a nervous system that is SWITCHED, which means it is operating BACKWARDS. If you are switched your heart and nervous system are working harder when you are lying down than when you are  standing. This is bad; this is a person who does not get well. This is a very inefficient nervous system.


HRV is used by the military to test the fitness of Navy Seals; it is a very reliable and trusted medical test in the health and fitness community.

HRV is not based on your symptoms or how you feel. HRV does not tell you where the problem is coming from. It tells you that you have a problem and gives you an idea of how hard you have to work to get better.

· It helps you to answer the question “How Healthy Am I?”