The Basics​

If You Have ANY Health Concern you MUST investigate these areas 


Misaligned bones, tight or weak muscles, injuries, joint degeneration.

This gets improvement with adjustments, muscle work and posture balancing exercises, traction, magnets, energetic patches and modalities of that nature,


This means having a deficiency of nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, good fats, pro biotics, vitamins.

To handle chemistry issues we use herbs, homeopathy, diet, ionic foot bath detox, sweating and exercise.


This includes parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses, mold, heavy metals, teeth infections, herbicides, chemicals, GMO’s and things of that nature.

To handle this we use anti- parasite, fungal or bacterial herbs, homeopathy, ionic foot baths, frequency generators, magnets, toxin elimination acupressure and energy patches.

Food sensitivities

This includes such things as gluten, casein or anything specific to you.

Some of these things must be avoided but others may be able to be desensitized.

Emotional traumas can short circuit your nervous system. Every time you think of a past event or you experience something or someone similar your nervous system can get short circuited.


Homeopathic remedies can be very helpful for these conditions. There are also acupressure techniques that can be helpful in handling these conditions.

Brainwave optimization is another viable treatment.

Let Me Help You Figure Out Which Modalities Will Be Best For You

When you walk in my office you don’t know what the cause is. Most people try to tell me what treatment they want. For instance they have back pain and think what they need is an adjustment or a massage. The problem is often not what you think it is.

My job is to figure out which combination of modalities will work best for you.

I use many complementary techniques and tools to figure out the casues of your health issues. I could look at your tongue, or your posture, I could palpate your spine and acupuncture points. I have machines that measure electrical imbalance. I do reflex testing. Sometimes I could do blood or urine analysis. Most importantly I take a VERY DETAILED HISTORY.

This method is called Applied Kinesiology and it can save you time money and aggravation. This is because I am one doctor doing multiple modalities in the same visit. Visits are not “cookie cutter” they include things like chiropractic adjustments, acupressure, ionic foot bath detox, or any of the methods I have listed above.

I understand that cost is important so I give you options that take cost into account. My programs are personalized. I have been in practice since 1992 and I look forward to meeting you.