Cellular Reprogramming:

The concept of Cellular Reprogramming is what separates a nutritionist from a higher level of energetic doctor. The concept of nutrition is based on clean living, getting the proper nutrients and not eating junk.

Some people do all this and still are not well.

Why is that?

Some people have a body that just does not react correctly to the environment. If a healthy person eats or breaths in or touches something that is bad for him then he may vomit or sneeze or cough and get rid of the thing and she is done with it.

Other people eat something that is not right for them and they react for days. Then they body starts to react not only to bad things but also to good things (other foods) that look a little like the bad thing. Sometimes they start to react to their own body. This is called “auto-Immune.”

It is as if the body’s programming is off. Many diseases fall into this category. Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are well known. What you may not know is that you could have a lesser degree auto immune problem which may include symptoms like “brain fog,” bloating or undiagnosed pain or digestive problems because the cells of your body look close enough to the cells in foods that you are sensitive to.

There are many people who have had relief from such problems by eating a restricted diet. However, it is hard to be so restricted forever.

In these cases the body is over reacting. The body’s programming is off.

To re-program the body we use homeopathic formulas. A homeopathic formula is like taking a tiny amount of the bad substance so that the body recognizes it. It can then learn not to react so harshly to the substance (or things that look like it) in the future.

We call it cellular re-programming because over time you do not have to take the substance as the body remembers what to do, as if it has been re programmed.

We use cellular reprogramming combined with other therapies including, drainage, detoxification, diet, acupressure and chiropractic to balance the body in various ways.