Question: How can you tell the difference between hip joint pain and muscle pain?

Answer: Trying to differentiate joint pain from muscle pain is a very “Western medical” way of thinking about things. Everything is connected.

Pain is from blocked energy and imbalanced energy. Just because the pain is in the hip does not mean that the pain is coming from that joint or those muscles.

People ask questions like these because they think, “If it is the muscle I will rub the muscle.” “If it is the joint I will “pop” the joint back in place.” Try not to think in such a local manner.

You could have hip pain for so many reasons.

It could be inflammation caused by food sensitivities.

It could be an irritated ilio cecal valve or a gall bladder issue.

It could be toxins or a scar.

It could be an emotional issue

It could be an overall posture issue.

It could be that there is blocked energy in the spine that gives energy to the hip.

So what can you do on your own to figure out which it is?

Stop eating grains, dairy and sugar and see if it goes away. Those are the most common inflammatory foods.

Stop eating nuts and raw foods in case it is the ilio cecal valve.

Other than that you would have to come in and let me see you.

People often get massage, because we are trained to rub where it hurts, but massage rarely works in these cases.

Muscles get their power from nerves. So it is better to work on the nervous system which includes the spine and the meridian system.

The nervous system comes from the spine that gives power to the muscles that hold the hip in place.

If the power goes off at the spine, then the muscles weaken (so it feels like a muscle problem) then the hip becomes unstable and eventually deteriorates so it looks like a joint problem.

At that point you may take an X-ray and it looks like a joint problem but the joint deterioration you see on the X-ray is just a symptom of the underlying problem that was never addressed.

You still need to work on the cause. The interesting thing is that I often see joints on x rays that look terrible yet when I work on the nervous system and the meridian system and lower overall inflammation the pain goes away.