Eating in a 6 to 8 Hour Window of Time

The secret to good health is low inflammation. The hormone “insulin” is the most inflammatory substance your body makes. If you can decrease insulin production you should feel better, lose weight and live longer. The most common way to reduce insulin production is to eat less food.

A better way is to eat less often but still eat more food.

The idea is to train yourself to eat within a “Window of Time”

It is easier than you think and very easy to stick with once you get this system going.

The reason is that we want to turn your body into a fat burning mechanism rather than a sugar burning mechanism.

If you eat all of your food in a short period of time then when you are not eating your body has no choice but to burn your fat for fuel.

You want to keep approximately the same schedule every day. So decide when you want to eat your last meal.

Here is an example:

Say you like to go to sleep at 11:30 pm and wake up at 7:30 am

No one likes to go to bed hungry so let’s make 10:00 pm the time your window closes. So you cannot eat any food after 10:00 pm. Now count 8 hours backwards. That is 2 pm. So your window of eating is 2pm to 10 pm.

You can only eat within that time period.

But there is one awesome cheat!!

The only thing you can have outside that window is FAT. There is a coffee drink that you can have with fat in it, click here. You will not be hungry.

So in the morning have the coffee / fat drink, then you can start eating after 2 pm and stop after 10 pm.

Remember to log everything in your diet app. I use “MyNetDiary

If you like to eat in the morning then you can eat between 8 am and 4 pm then have the coffee / fat drink any time after 4 pm is you get hungry. However, I prefer having the coffee drink in the morning and the meal in the evening.

As your body learns to burn fat better you can shorten the eating window.

You do not have to have the coffee drink at all. Still eating in the 8 hour window is important.


  • Don't eat for 16-18 hours each day.
  • Skip breakfast
    • Drink Organic Coffee/Green (or other) Tea with 1 to 3 oz of MCT Oil
    • Add 1 to 3 ounces of pasture raised, organic butter (raw is better)
    • Good fat feeds and cools the brain
    • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
    • Helps burn fat.
  • Between 1 pm and 3 pm eat a light lunch of protein and high quality fat to keep energy steady.
  • Between 5pm and 9 pm consume high quality fat, protein, and healthy carbs (from veggies)
    • Important that you consume most of your daily calories during dinner time, if you don't eat enough your body remains in sympathetic mode. You will lose muscle and gain fat, because the body thinks you're starving and it needs more food to survive, so you hang on to every calorie.
    • Eat all of your food in a 6 to 8 hour time period. Try to do this at the same time every day. For instance, you can start at 12pm and end at 8 pm. Don't shift around by going from 9 am to 5 pm.

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You can do this for a long period of time, even as a lifestyle. Or you can commit to doing it 2 days a week.

Still follow the guidelines in improving your diet for food choices. Try to avoid or eliminate: sugar, dairy, and wheat products.

Here is a video explaining the benefits of eating in a window of time. Due to licensing reasons this is for patients only call the office for the password 562-799-0320