FREE Immune System Phone Consultation

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This is a FREE 15 minute phone call.  Its mainly for people who want to know how to protect themselves while this virus is in the environment.  I'm going to focus on which products will be best for you and your family. I will also talk about diet and other devices that may be good for you.

If you have other health issues (other than immunity) we can talk about them as well.  

  • Yes, we are open, as chiropractic is considered essential, but most people are more concerned with their immune system and for that I can help you over the phone quite easily.

  • Please schedule a time to talk so I can help you figure out which immune system products will be best for you and your family.

  • Of course take all the precautions that are currently prescribed by the CDC.

  • And if you get the infections see a doctor and do not simply rely on natural remedies alone.

  • Below I'm listing the type of products i have been using and giving to others. So you can order products but it's simply best if we talk, then we can talk and come up with a plan for you.


Here are products I use: Which specific products we use for you, and the dosages will be different, depending on your situation, which is why we should talk.

With herbs and homeopathy, I often use the same things preventatively as I use if you had the symptoms, the difference is how much I'd use. 

Most of the products I use are not things you normally see on the internet.

These are either made for me by herbalists or they are the top of the line specific products from Germany that are not sold to the general public.

QuentaSanThis is my favorite homeopathic product that supports the immune system but its response is specific for virus symptoms.

MycobaSan- This is another anti-viral immune support product that I use on people who have more susceptibility to colds and flus that the average person

SyResp- I use this if the symptoms are respiratory in nature. This virus attacks the lungs which is why I included it here. So I also use it for prevention.

Super Anti Flu 2020- this is an herbal formula for immunity. These are herbs that have been used for generations in times of sickness. It’s an herbal formula made for me by an herbalist who custom made this based on the patients he is seeing currently.

MegaSpore: This is a specific probiotic made from a spore. Your gut (intestines) is the home of your immune system. 

Spores are very different from any other probiotic. They are good bacteria, in suspended animation which survive the stomach (where most probiotics do not.)

Once they are in, your gut they come alive and eat your waste. From your waste they create natural antibiotics and B and K vitamins and many other things for a healthy immune system.

    Acupressure energy patches over the lung points to increase the chi of the lung. This is one of my favorite things I use when someone has a cold or flu.