Fats Carbs and Protein

Once you have gotten used to using the app and having the fat / coffee (or tea) drink then it is time to get the correct ratios of fats , carbs and protein.


50% to 80% of calories from your diet.


· Keep these as low as possible to stay in ketosis.

· It will be between 40 and 60 grams, for some people they can even 100 grams. The key is to measure if you are in ketosis. You might need to go as low as 20 grams.

· At this point I have not asked you to measure that.

· First get used to getting these numbers correct then get the ketone / glucose meter and you will be able to learn how to monitor those numbers for yourself.


· Eat 38% of your target weight in grams

· So if your target weight is 100, eat 38 grams of protein a day.

· If your target weight is 200 double it.

Remember in the app you want to measure fat as % calories of your diet and you want to measure carbs and protein in grams.

Once you get started you can buy a ketone / glucose meter and we can tweak these numbers to get you into ketosis.