Coffee Fat and Energy


Coffee (organic is best) Regular coffee is loaded with pesticides.  More specifically get shade grown coffee because it has more nutrients, Arabica beans.  But just start with what you have.

Or Green Tea or Maya Nut (or anything else that you can brew)

MCT oil: It must contain only only caprylic acid, and capric acid, not lauric acid.

NUMedica brand is best because it is UPC certified. The oil industry is known for sub-standard products so I would not buy it if it were not certified.

Butter: Pasture Raised (grass fed). Or you can get raw unpasteurized, grass fed butter is the best. I get this at Sprouts, it is expensive but worth it for your health.

Ghee​: You can use ghee instead of butter.

Stevia: Optional,(there are different flavors, I like chocolate). No other sweetener is allowed.

Cinnamon (optional)

or Pumpkin Pie Spice (Optional)​

Sea Salt (optional*​)

Note*​ If coffee makes your stomach hurt sea salt can help.  Also it takes away the bitterness.  Even regular table salt can do this.  I just don't think any one should be eating table salt but it will work if you don't have anything else.


Make coffee anyway you like

Alternatively you can make this drink with Green Tea.

Mix in MCT oil. The amount can vary. 1, 1 and ½ or 2 tablespoons is good.

Mix in Butter (Use equal parts MCT oil to butter.) It doesn't have to be exact.

Sweetener: If you want it sweet add stevia. I like chocalte stevia, the flavor is up to you.

No other sweeteners are allowed.

You can add cinnamon if you like.

A pinch of sea salt if you like​

Mix this is a blender. I use the small “magic bullet” blender. This really helps to mix in the butter and oil, otherwise it may float at the top of the drink.

Stevia is the only sweetener than will be OK for this type of coffee

Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie Spice (Optional) but cinnamon has been used to reduce high cholesterol.

If you use a blender the butter and MCT oil will emulsify much better, you can even put it in the refrigerator and it will stay blended.

How to Make a Healthy Cafe Late!

It is the exact same recipe as above but also brew into it roasted cacao beans as well, (pictured below).  So if you are brewing an ounce of coffee beans, also brew an ounce of cacao beans.  Or you can use 1/2 ounce of each.  This is an amazing drink but only if you like chocolate.

Below are two different brands of roasted cacao beans  I much prefer the Choffy brand.

Crio Bru

At Sprouts​

If you are eating in a window of time you can consider this breakfast. Then you can wait until 1pm to start eating food for the day and stop eating at 9 pm that is an 8 eating window. You can pick any 8 hour (12 to 8) (2 to 10) window to eat. Once you get used to one try not to change the window too much if possible.

This can be your breakfast. If you are also eating all your food in a time window as I suggested you can have this drink outside your time window because it does not spike your insulin levels so your body thinks it is fasting, however you are getting 200 to 600 calories of pure fat which will stop hunger, feed your brain and fight inflammation.

Coffee or Tea

High Quality MCT oil. Capric and Caprilic acid, USP certified

Use one of the butters below

Raw Unpasteurized, Grass fed.  The best and most expensive

Kerrygold GRASS-FED butter (above)  is the same as PASTURE butter below.

Pasture Butter is raised in a Pasture on grass.  This is different from "pasteurized" which has to do with Louis Pasteur

Butter is better but heavy organic whipping cream is a substitute if you really don't want the butter and you seem to be OK with dairy.  But I really don't think dairy is a good choice in general.

Unpasteurized, Grass Fed

Ghee if you are highly dairy sensitive

Any type of sea salt will work. Optional