Adrenal Stress Index

This test uses your saliva to test for adrenal fatigue

I get 5 readings of your adrenal hormones throughout the day.

  • You get the lab kit from me
  • ​I fill out my portion
  • You fill out your credit card information, or put in your check
  • You take the test as per the instructions, and then you send it to the lab. The postage is pre-paid just bring it to the mailing center or post office. 

Price: $150 pay directly to the lab

If you want the lab to bill insurance it is $290 and if it gets rejected you will be billed the entire $290. The lab is not in any networks.

The lab is out of all networks, so it is not a good idea to have them bill it. The better idea is to pay the cash price then submit the bill to the lab and see what you get back.

There are 5 vials, instructions come with the lab kit but here is a summary.

  • Vial 1: morning between 6am and 8 am
  • Vial 2: between 11am and 1 pm
  • Vial 3 between 4pm and 5 pm
  • Vial 4 between 10 pm and midnight
  • Vial 5 is liquid saliva test (no onto a swab) do it later morning to early afternoon (an hour away from other vials), this tests DHEA, gluten and total salivary SIGA- which is for testing adrenal stress on the immune system)

Instructions on line (these same instructions come with the kit)

If you need more collection instruction help call the lab: 800-878-3787