The Food Journal App

The first step to improving your diet is to track what you are eating. A diet app is the best way. I like to use “MyNetDiary” because I am familiar with it but others will work.  My Fitness Pal is also very good.

How to make things easier using the app
  • Every day enter the foods as BREAKFAST. You just need to know what you ate for the whole day.
  • Turn off all notifications and advice from the app.
  • Do not listen to the advice from the app
Entering Food:
  • Put in any fish as tuna
  • All beef as hamburger (ground beef)
  • All birds as chicken
  • All fats as olive oil
Enter all food as baked or grilled (meat or vegetables)
  • If you cooked in oil such as stir fry just add an ounce or ½ ounce of oil
If you eat soup or salad or a burrito just enter the the individual ingredients
  • Then add however much oil you think was in there
If you eat a pre-packaged food you can scan the bar code.  
If you can't then estimate by the ingredients

Food App

  • All we want to know is how many fats, carbohydrates and protein you have in a day
  • And we want to know what percentage of your daily intake is fat

The idea is to keep carbs low enough for you to get into ketosis.

  • At a minimum we want to know how many carbohydrates you are eating every day and reduce them.

Protein at a minimum should be half of your ideal goal weight in grams.

  • So if your ideal weight is 150 then you should have at least 75 grams of protein

Fat should be about 50% to 80% of your diet

If the Food App is too difficult to start with then you should simply  google “how many carbs in “rice”, “bananas” “potato” or whatever you are eating.

You can do the same for protein  "How Much protein in "whatever"

The above button is an example for rice 

Or you can download a carbohydrate food list

Download the app.  The icon is the green apple with the measuring tape.

Click on Meals.  You don't need any of the other categories.

Put all your foods under breakfast.  Do not split it up into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The only numbers you have to worry about are calories, Fat, Carbs, and Protein.

To enter a food click on the 3 horizontal menu bar.

You can search for your food using the magnifying glass icon.  Many foods including restaurant menu items are included.

You can scan bar codes from packed foods.

After you enter foods for a few days you can click the STAR at the bottom and the foods you eat often will be there (your favorites)

In this example you are searching for YAM.  Type "YAM" in the search bar and all sorts of "yam" items will come up.  Pick the one that is closest to what you are looking for.  We only care about calories, fats, carbs, and protein so that will be the same if the yam is boiled, roasted or baked. BUT DON'T PICK CONTRIBUTED items because they may not be accurate.

Once you enter the item "yam" put in the serving size.

If you want to see the calories, fat, carbs and protein for your item click on the "i" in the upper right.

At the bottom of the search page it says "Type here to create custom food. All you need to enter is calories, fats, carbs and protein.

​If you want to add a food that you can't find go to Google and type in the name of the food followed by the word "calories"

In this case lets use "salmon."  Type in "Salmon Calories" you will see a page with accurate information.  ​Use those numbers and type them into you app.