Meat and Other Protein

I advocate a diet primary consisting of vegetables, fat and protein.

The protein should come from chicken, fish, beef, turkey and other birds, pork and eggs.

Some people do better with certain types of protein than others and we can investigate with you, but to start off the most important thing is that you eat meats that are as toxin free as possible.

You should NOT be not be getting your protein from dairy products.

The important thing with meat is that you want it to be organic if possible.

You should eat beef that is grass fed. If your beef is fed grain then it will cause more inflammation in you.

You want fish from the ocean. Farm raised fish are cause inflammation due to their diet.

Foods like deli meat and bacon have lots of chemicals, so try to avoid them. They are OK once in a while but if you eat that type of thing regularly then you need to find a less processed form of processed meats.

Chicken should be “Free Range” chickens do not eat grass so there is no such thing as grass fed chicken. The term is free range. I get mine at the farmers market because besides being free range, it they do not add water to it. They add water so that is weighs more.

People will tell you that you can get your protein from beans and vegetables and dairy, but dairy is very inflammatory (and it has a lot of carbs as well), beans do have protein but they are 50% carbohydrate and trying to get all of your protein pure from vegetables is nearly impossible.