Health Concepts: How Holistic Health Care Works

Replacement therapy:

Most people’s concepts of nutritional therapy are very limited. They essentially think of what we call “replacement therapy.” For instance if you don’t have enough calcium then you take calcium. This theory gave way to the idea of a “one a day” type of vitamin. This theory is ridiculous. People do not get over serious health issues by taking a multiple vitamin. My saying is this “A little of every ting means a lot of nothing.”

Then there is the next generation of the “Take a little of everything concept” which is a bunch of fruits and or vegetables crushed into a pill or a drink. This is a better product, but really only works a little and it only works on people who are basically healthy in the first place.

You will not see a real functional medicine or nutritionist or homoeopathist practicing replacement therapy. Replacement therapy is based on the concept of deficiency as the primary problem. For chronic problems this is never the case.

While it is true that a person could be deficient in something, that does not mean that the solution is to take that supplement.

Example: If you have osteoporosis or bone loss the common theory is that you need to take calcium. However it may be that the reason that you have calcium loss is that your thyroid hormone called calcitonin may not be working, so that it isn’t telling the calcium to go to the right place.

You could have bone loss because you have toxins, these toxins, could make you too acidic and now your body is stealing the calcium from your bones to bring up the pH in your blood.

A better solution in this case is to get rid of the toxins rather than to simply replace calcium.

Sometimes it is an absorption issue. You may eat plenty of the right foods; however they do not get absorbed. In this case you need to deal with the absorption issue, not simply replace the calcium.

There are instances where replacement therapy is warranted but it is not the usual first step in regaining your health.

Another misunderstood concept in replacement therapy is taking pro-biotics or “good bacteria.” While taking good bacteria every day may be beneficial, what may be even better is to drain the toxins first and then kill the bad toxins before you add the good bacteria.


The concept of toxicity is important. These are things that get into your body from the outside world that are now causing problems internally.

There are natural and man-made toxins. Both are bad.

Natural Toxins:

Fungus, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Parasites

Man made toxins:

Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Plastics, Other Chemical, Drugs, Medical Hormones, Substances in root canal fillings, Infected Teeth

If this is the problem then what you need to do is get rid of them. There are all sorts of products and methods to do so. However this can be tricky. For instance you could have fungus and metal but what you may not know is that metal attracts fungus. So you may have to deal with the metal before the fungus.

Parasites can bring viruses or bacteria with them, so handing them together may be a better solution.


I do not like the term allergy. A better term is over reaction of the immune system. This means the immune system is over reacting to something in the environment.

Ways to deal with “Environmental Over-Reaction”

At first try to avoid the thing that you are reacting to. (Gluten, Dairy, Night Shades etc.)

Then open the body’s pathways of elimination which means to support the lymph, kidneys, liver, lungs, and intestines.

Then use homeopathy to “Down relegate the system.” You want to get the system to not be on “Red Alert.”

This could take weeks or months to accomplish.

If your immune system is “Over Reacting” you then are becoming too inflamed. This can express itself in many different ways. This could be back-pain, headaches an upset stomach, a rash, eczema or even allergies.

There are products and methods that we use to stop this over reaction.


Many people believe that their problems are from hormone imbalances and while there may be some truth to this. What you need to know is that the hormones are often the last thing to shift in a long chain of other more foundational imbalances.

Here is a simple example. If you get hot flashes or headaches during your monthly period you could have low estrogen. If you took a saliva test you could see that.

What you need to remember is that estrogen needs to be re-cycled by the liver so if the liver is toxic then you don’t have enough estrogen. So you should really work on cleaning out the liver before you increase the estrogen. Secondly, Estrogen is only usable in the presence of progesterone, but if your cortisol is too high then the adrenals will steal your progesterone to make estrogen.

These issues will not be seen on a lab test.​

In this situation you need to increase your adrenal function to lower the cortisol so that it does not steal progesterone, then your body will be able to use the estrogen that it already has.

If all you do is play with the hormone levels you can get yourself into real trouble. Since you are not addressing the underlying problem, you will always need to increase your hormone levels and that exposes you to health risks including cancer.

I can give you a similar explanation for thyroid or any other hormone imbalance.

A big difference between natural medicine and western medicine is that western medicine usually treats where the symptom is. Natural Medicine works on the source(s).  If the thyroid test is off they give you thyroid hormone. If estrogen is off they give you estrogen. This is replacement therapy.

In most cases the source of the problem is not usually where the overt symptom is and replacement therapy is usually the most simplistic choice and usually does not work in the long run and often exposes you to many side effects.

So how would a good natural therapy program work:

There are some baseline tests we can perform CLICK HERE but once that is completed this is a way of treatment.

Every case is individual however here is a basic idea:

The first thing is usually to open the channels of elimination, this is also called Drainage.

This means to get the body to be able to excrete things. The main routes are lungs, lymph, kidneys, liver and colon. We do this using a variety of “drainage formulas.” For instance for the liver we use some of the following:

Either Nat Body Clear, Hepatica or Apo-Hepat.

For the Kindneys we use Solidago, or Renelix.

For the lungs we use Pulmonest or Apo-Pulm.

For the Lymph we use Itires, or Acute Lymph drops.

At the beginning of the treatment we want to evaluate your chemistry. A simple test I like to use it to test your urine pH, and if it is low do something to increase it.

Since your pH is based on your available usable minerals I either try to increase your ability to absorb minerals by using a product such as Delelekro which does just that.

If I do not get it as high as I like I will then give you minerals. As you clean out your body and it begins to work more normally you will need less and less.

Iodine is the next important mineral. Again I use Delecktro to increase your ability to use iodine but I also may add iodine.  This is because our diets are simply too iodine deficient and that is a very important mineral. You could have everything else correct but if iodine is too low all the other things you do may be less effective.

Once a person does some drainage for a while, (this could be 1 month or several months depending on your case) she often feels much better.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you have normal bowel movements that your ability to get rid of toxins is good. That is a common misconception.


Diet is very important if you want to be healthy. The incorrect idea is that “Diet is everything,” or that if you just change your diet you will be OK. This is wrong. If you are pretty much healthy to begin with then yes, maybe diet is all you need, but if you are reading these pages that is probably not the case for you.

A good diet sets the stage for everything else to work. If diet fixes all of your problems then you were probably not that bad off to begin with. Most people who come to me are in the stage where they can't fix everything with a good diet.

A good diet is basically protein and vegetables with some good fats. Read this page on improving your diet for more details.

A good diet and improved drainage is stage only 1 in regaining your health.

The Matrix:

The Matrix

There is space between the cells of your body. In homeopathy we call this “The Matix.” There are fluids and proteins and all sorts of chemicals that lets the body communicate with itself. In fact it is thought that the acupuncture meridians are part of “The Matrix.”

By doing a good drainage program and changing your diet you are cleaning up the matrix so the body can then communicate with itself more easily and correct health problems.

Down Regulate Your System:

The next stage would be to “Down Regulate” your reaction to toxins or things that irritate you. This does not mean get rid of or clean out the toxins. It means to get you to be less reactive to them. For instance we might identify that you react to gluten or dairy products. When you eat them you get bloated or get a rash or a head ache, back pain etc. I use homeopathic substances that make your body not react so harshly to substances. In this office I use products like syAlgen, Allernest, or Allertox to name a few.

This is very different from drainage or replacement therapy or detox, this is cellular reprogramming. You may need to do this for a few weeks or a few months. We do this using homeopathy but always remember that homeopathy works well only in people who are draining well.

If you want to understand Cellular Reprogramming Click Here


My definition of detoxification and yours may be very different. When you go on the internet and look up detox. They are usually talking about drainage not detox. Detox is looking for focal infections of toxins such as bacteria, mold, viruses, parasites fungus, heavy metals, infected teeth, plastics, medical drugs, or pesticides or other chemicals. That is detoxification. We use detoxification formulas for that such as SyImmune, SyInfect, SyResp, SyDerm, SyCircue, Heavy Detox, Acute Detox, Bactrex, Detoxamin, Fungex, Wild Oregano Core Olive leaf extract or many other products.

The next step would be to re-establish things that were lost such as minerals or good bacteria.

Afer the detox process is a good time to add pro-biotics or hydrochloric acid or minerals if you need them. 

Now it is time to see what you would need for maintenance. Some people always need some minerals, iodine, Vitamin D, Hydro Chloric acid, or pro-biotics etc. Some people need to work on drainage from time to time. This all depends on how bad off you were to start with. A 20 year old athlete would certainly have a different maintenance program than a 60 year old cancer survivor.

This is not a “Do It yourself” website and I don’t expect you to be able to handle your health problems by reading these pages and applying it. However, when you do ask questions I will refer you back to these pages to refresh your memory. It is a lot to take in all at once.

In the first visit we get to know each other and I can guide you through the steps. We can talk about where you are in terms of your heath and where you want to go. If you want to know more about how I determine what you need please read these pages.