Blood Type Diet

Many people ask about the Eat For Your Blood Type Diet.

The book has some good information but in the wrong priorities.

It is based on the idea that plants have natural pesticide called lectins. If a lectin in a certain bean looks too much like a Type A blood antigen and you have type B blood, your body will reject this food (because it thinks it is type A blood) and you could experience allergic symptoms.

There is some merit to this idea but the priority is wrong.

The most important thing is to stay in ketosis. Don’t eat dairy, sugar and grains if necessary.

Keep the right proportions of the following:

Fats (50% to 80% pf the diet)

Carbs 30 to about 100 grams

Proteins, Approximately 40% or more of your body weight in grams.

If you are doing everything right and you still need to modify your diet then you can look to your blood type for vegetables and fruits, and beans that you might be sensitive to.


Disregard the parts where the book talks about who should be a meat eater and who should be a vegetarian.

It tells certain people to eat soy. Remember that if you eat soy it must be organic because soy has incredible amounts of pesticides and for that reason is very inflammatory.

It tells certain blood types to eat grains but this is not a good idea. The reason is that even if your blood type is less allergic to grains these grains will still trigger a huge insulin spike which will take you out of ketosis and drain your energy and cause inflammation and weight gain.

Disregard the part where it tells certain people to have dairy. Do not have dairy if at all possible.

It tells people to eat nuts but DO not do that because of the potential ilio cecal valve issues. Nut butters are OK.

If you want to eat the fish or meats on the list that is OK but make sure to eat protein, do not become a vegetarian based on these charts.

The best use of these charts are to discern which vegetables, fruits and beans may or may not work for you.