Energy Acupressure Patches

Acupuncture pathways, called meridians, carry energy throughout the body. 

Bio-photonic messages (light energy) determine the behavior of all chemical reactions. It is the same as the software in your computer, without the software the computer lays dormant. All chemical reactions are PRECEDED by an energetic message, which tells the substance how to react. Fritz Albert Popp, PhD was nominated for the Noble Prize for this discovery.

Light energy patches are light therapy; they are based on digital biology science and frequency technology.

The patches emit frequencies that travel on your own infra-red radiation. It is frequency modulated in the same way as an FM radio. These electromagnetic frequencies emulate energetic frequencies from nature that can be translated into digital signals.

The human body has components that are similar to computer, radios, telephones and cell phones. These components can pick up frequencies and transit frequencies to other part of the body. 

Your Body Runs On Frequencies of Light

Your body needs light to create vitamin D; but it only needs specific frequencies. These patches are programmed with other frequencies. Some of them tell your body to calm down; others tell it to create anti-oxidants.

More than anything else I have ever seen, these patches help people get well and out of pain faster than anything else I know on a consistent basis.

They are not the only thing I use but it is something that I use on most people who I see in my my office.

These are not herbal patches that get absorbed in your body. They are frequencies of light. It has been shown that light travels on acupuncture meridians.


Knee Problems

Better Sleep

Headaches and sinus problems


Back Pain and Elbow Pain