Healthful Foods

Most people eat too much sugar, grains (bread, oatmeal, rice, tortillas, pasta, bagels etc) and dairy. When I ask them to stop eating these foods they say “What should I eat?”

So they look for bread substitutes. There is a whole industry based on bread substitutes. A better idea is to get used to not eating grain products, or eat them in very small quantities.

If you are not eating grains your meals will look different, try to get used to that. Try to think differently. You can eat fish and spinach, just get used to not having bread with it.

Try to stop thinking of the traditional breakfast. I find this is the hardest thing for me to get people to understand. It is OK to have fish and vegetables for breakfast, or vegetables and eggs.

Right now you may be addicted, the first 3 weeks may be difficult, try to stick with it; this will be worth it.

This is really the only way to lose weight and maintain your health in the long term.

A good rule of thumb is

Never eat grain or sugar for breakfast because then you will crave it the rest of the day. This presents a problem to many. Don’t look for an oatmeal substitute just try to eat differently.

If you really want to be truly healthy you will train yourself to not eat these foods, or be very limited in their consumption.

Fat is a much better slow burning fuel.

Eating the right fat does not make you get fat.

Here are some good fats, that will give you energy and lessen your hunger:

Coconut oil. You can put it in warm drinks such as tea or coffee (but try not to drink a lot of coffee either).

You can keep a jar of this with you and eat a teaspoon of it when you get hungry.

Olive oil. Put this on foods such as sauté kale, spinach or other leafy green vegetable.

Avacado and avocado oil.

Ghee or Pasture butter: You can have these even if you are sensitive to dairy in most cases.

All oil should be virgin and organic and very FRESH.

Never use corn oil, safflower oil or canola oil.

Drink a lot of warn liquid such as bone broth, green tea or other types of tea. Keep coffee limited.

Be prepared. I always have with me a thermal bag with some of the following:

Sardines, wild salmon in a tin, hard boiled eggs, coconut oil, a drink made from protein powder, a few macadamia nuts (some people can’t eat nuts), almond butter, tahini (sesame seed butter), stevia for sweetness if needed, you could also carry some cooked or raw vegetables, seaweed snacks, some fruit (limited quantities)

Spices: Any spices are ok unless you have a particular sensitivity, but you can make sautéd vegatalbes taste very good.

Sugar: try not to eat any, however if you need some then use stevia. Never have fruit juice. Ornage juice has almost the same amount of sugar as Coke.

The nice thing is that if your diet is filled with vegetables, good fat and protein then even if you will be able to eat just a little sugar and be satisfied.

You just have to think about eating differently. Your increase in vitality and the weight loss will be worth it. If you are on a very good diet then you can use significantly fewer supplements and herbal remedies.

Healthful Fats

Coconut Oil is very versatile

​Tahini is sesami seed butter

​Most net butters are OK but I would suggest most people stay away from peanut butter

Ghee is similar to clarified butter

​Olive oil is good to cook with because it is stable at higher temperatures but drinking room temperature olive oil is very healthful.

Before you buy olive oil read this.

​Wild salmon is a very good meal or snack.  Consider eating it for breakfast as well.

​Sardines with saute vegetables for breakfast can give you energy to start your day

Seaweed can be a good snack,

there are new healthful snacks coming out every day, take some time to walk through a health food store and look.​

​Coconut Yogurt might be something you like.  I thought there were too many "other ingreedients" in this brand but still it is better for you than yogert from milk.

​This device turns zucchini into strands like spaghetti.  With the right seasoning you will be surprised how good this tastes.