· Bring the following to the lab with you (call lab for appointment)

How to Order/Get the Tests:

· At my office I fill out the diagnosis on the form

· I check off which tests you are getting

· You fill out your payment method

· You fill out the insurance information

· I give you a lab kit, bring it with you to lab

o The lab kit has a block of ice (re Freeze R-Brix) that you must put into the freezer overnight. Bring this with you to the lab. See picture.

Bring your insurance card with you to the lab

You must fill out your credit card information on the form at or before the time of the test.   That is how you get the discount.  If you do not fill this out you will be billed the full price which could be over $1000.  If you fill out the credit card before, then they will take your payment as payment in full.  If you pay with a check fill out the check number and staple the check to the form.  

​Just to be really clear, below is what you bring to the lab

o The lab kit with frozen block inside (some labs have kits already frozen but you cannot be sure, so it is best to bring your own

o The filled out lab form (credit card and insurance info)

o Your insurance card

o If you are paying by check bring that, staple it to the lab form. Fill out check number on the form.

Fast for 9 to 12 hours. Water is OK.​

The reason for this is that I am sending you to a blood draw station.  They send your blood to the lab (Spectra Cell). 

So you are paying Spectra Cell directly.  The blood draw station has nothing to do with the money.

After you pay, then Spectra Cell will try to bill your insurance company for the extra money but if they are denied then they won't come back to you for the rest.

Your insurance company may send you an "Explanation of Benefits" saying that they denied a large bill.  But that is not a bill.  You will not be billed from Spectra Cell.

If you were not insured at the time of the visit then Spectra cell will bill you the cash price, listed below.

Lab Form

· Finding a lab

o Click below and enter your zip code for a lab near you

§ https://www.spectracell.com/patients/find-a-drawsite/

​Or use a location below

West Pacific Medical Labs

1240 E Chapman Ave

Orange, CA 92866


Closed for lunch​

West Pacific Medical Labs

22 Odyssey, Ste 115

​Irvine, 92618

949-502-4446 M-F 8am to 3pm​

Closed for lunch​

West Pacific Medical Labs

3771 Katella Ave Ste 300

Los Alamitos, CA 90720


M-F 8am to  3Pm

closed for lunch

o Click here for a list of labs in the area

Blood Tests Cost:

Basic Inflammation Test called (cardio metabolic test)

· $45 with insurance

· $110 without insurance

· CBC with Differential $5 with insurance without

Thyroid Test

· $45 with insurance

· $110 without

Adrenal Add On to Thyroid Test

$45 with insurance $110 without

Add On adrenals, cortisol DHEA

Hormone Markers

· $40 with Insurance

· $110 without

Genetic Tests

Telomere $240


$45 with insurance , $110 without for each test

· Apo Lipoprotein E $45 with insurance , $110 without for each test

· Factor V Leiden $45 with insurance , $110 without for each test

· Prothrombin G20210A $45 with insurance , $110 without for each test

· MTHFR $45 with insurance , $110 without for each test

Add Ons:

· Reverse T3 $15 and $35

· CBC with Diff $5 with insurance , $15 without insurance

· Omega Check

Micro Nutrient $190 with Insurance, $390 Cash, $88 medicare

Office Use dx list

The Re-Freez-R Brix (below) comes from the box above.

Put the Re-Freez-Brix in the freezer the night before then put it back in the box in the morning and bring it with you to the lab. 

Some labs all ready have the frozen kits, some don't so this just to make sure.