Ilio Cecal Valve

When people start to cleanse and they have new problems such as gas, bloating, right shoulder or hip pain, back pain, breast pain or flu like symptoms it can often be a problem with your ilio cecal valve.

The ilio cecal valve is the valve between your small intestine and your large intestine. Food goes from the small intestine to the large intestine. If this valve gets irritated it gets stuck open then the gasses, fumes and particles pass backwards into the small intestine from the large intestine. This can cause all sorts of problems.

Raw food causes this problem in people who are not ready to eat raw food. That is why people get this problem on cleanses. The foods that are hardest to digest are nuts and seeds, so either cut them out or make sure to soak and blend them properly before eating them.

If that doesn't work I have many products and techniques to close this valve and stop the inflammation and it is different from person to person.