While screening is an important step in fighting breast cancer, is there an alternative to annual mammograms? The answer is yes. There are new thermographic technologies . Thermographs are able to detect cancers at a minute physical stage of development. Thermography does not use x-rays, nor is there any compression of the breasts. Also important, new thermography technologies do not lose effectiveness with dense tissue, decreasing the chances of false-negative results.

Some doctors are now offering digital mammograms. Digital mammography is a mammography system in which x-ray film is replaced by solid-state detectors that convert x-rays into electric signals. Though radiation is still used, digital mammography requires a much smaller dose. The electrical signals are used to produce images that can be electronically manipulated; a physician can zoom in, magnify and optimize different parts of breast tissue without having to take an additional image.

It's your body. It's your decision. Your best defense against breast cancer is making sure you maintain optimal health. We want nothing more than to help you become as healthy as possible