Green Tea versus Coffee

Despite what you may have read coffee is really bad for you.

This article will tell you why and give you a really great alternative.

Coffee seems good for you because caffeine does give an instant energy burst and you do get some mental stimulation.

Some sources say that it may decrease the probability of dementia. Some say that it can decrease the probability of liver disease and type 2 diabetes.

The idea that it helps you liver does not make sense to me based on my observation that  people who come to see me who drink coffee every day are addicted to it.  They have liver and adrenal acupuncture points that are very tender, and these people are always exhausted.

Another problem is that they load up the coffee with sugar and milk which are two of the worst foods on the planet.

I have no vested interest in putting coffee down. I have to get people better fast and I find that getting people off if coffee is one of those important steps to good health.

What is really wrong with coffee?

While the good aspect of coffee is the caffeine if not abused, the bad part is that Coffee is extremely acidic. Anything that is acidic requires you to balance it with minerals. These minerals come from your bones, muscles, bile and organs. You are destroying organs to balance acidity. In fact an Australian study found that tea drinkers are less likely to develop osteoporosis than coffee drinkers.

Keeping your blood at the right Ph is the body's highest priority.

Switching to Green Tea is a much better choice for your health.

Some benefits of Green Tea are:

Tea has more anti-oxidants than coffee.

​Tea won't stain your teeth as badly as coffee.

Green Tea improves fat burning

There isn't the same coffee crash.

​It may lower the risk of Breast, Prostate and Colon cancer.

It protects the brain.

The catechins in green tea have anti bacterial effects.

There is a Japanese study that green tea to lower risk of diabetes and a longer life.  There are other studies that show a lower risk of cardio vascular disease.

Basically green tea has more benefits than coffee and none of the bad effects.  The worst one being that coffee is acidic.

The only problem is that the energy burst is not close to that from coffee...until now.

The Japanese have been using matcha green tea powder. Instead of simply soaking the tea leaves in water you grind the tea leaves is a coffee grinder and dissolve the tea in water.

If you do this you will get all the properties of the tea. You get all the anti-oxidants, more alkalinity and the energy burst becomes equal to that of coffee.

You won't get that same energy crash that you get after coffee.

You can get this type of tea online or in any Japanese food store such as Tokyo Central in Costa Mesa.

I am also speaking out of experience. I too have been addicted to coffee off and on and I know how much better I feel when I stop drinking it.

It was not until I found this better stronger form of green tea that I really was easily able to stay off of coffee for good.